Senator Supports Adding Shrimp to Traceability Rules

Message from the American Shrimp Processors

Executive Director, Dr. David Veal.

“As you may know we have been fighting to include shrimp in the automatic traceability rules imposed by the IUU task force. Shrimp is the largest seafood commodity (2/3 of total) but yet it is excluded from the rule because the prior administration believed we would face a WTO case.

Senator Cassidy from Louisiana is on the Senate Finance Committee, with jurisdiction over trade matters. During a hearing with Ambassador Robert Lighthizer on the new administration’s trade agenda, Sen. Cassidy directly asked the ambassador if he would support including shrimp despite any real or perceived threat of a WTO case. Ambassador Lighthizer confirmed that he would accept the recommendations of NOAA and the department of commerce on this issue.

We are very pleased that the USTR recognizes this important issue and we will continue to work with the administration and our allies on Capital Hill until shrimp traceability is fully included in this important rule making.”



For more information, please contact:

David Veal, Executive Director, ASPA
(228) 806-9600