Shrimp Tales

  • No Wetlands, No Seafood

    ORIGINAL ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY NATIONAL FISHERMAN BY MORTY GASKILL AND RYAN BETHEA APRIL 23, 2019 Commercial fishermen are used to overcoming challenges. Whether it’s extreme weather events or a changing market and regulations, we work hard and adapt to carve out a living for our families. We represent a new generation of fishermen that depends...

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  • ASPA WHITE PAPER: Restaurant Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) is Necessary to Prevent Health Risks

    Downloadable PDF version linked here: ASPA COOL White Paper I.      INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW Americans are consuming more seafood than ever before. US per capita seafood consumption reached 16 pounds in 2017, the highest level since 2009.[1] The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently changed its Dietary Guidelines for Americans to recommend increases in seafood...

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