Celebrate National Seafood Month with Wild American Shrimp!

September 30, 2022

It’s October once again, which means that it’s our favorite time of the year: National Seafood Month! This month is about celebrating all the good that sustainable seafood brings to our lives, specifically all the fantastic qualities of wild-caught American shrimp from the Gulf and South Atlantic! From their tasty flavor to how they’re caught, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate, which is why we’re giving our Top 5 reasons to celebrate National Seafood Month with wild-caught American shrimp!

  1. AMAZING FLAVOR: Living wild and free in the sun-soaked, nutrient-rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Ocean means that shrimp caught by our member processors develop a naturally fresh and delicious taste that our acclaimed Chef Advocates prefer.
  2. RECIPE FLEXIBLE: The tasty flavor of wild-caught American shrimp makes them a perfect centerpiece or addition for just about any meal. Grilled or in a gumbo, part of a soup or in a salad, on a plate of bow ties or as a burger with a side of fries: the recipe possibilities are endless.
  3. SUPPORT AMERICAN WORKERS: Consumers receive more than just a multitude of meals when purchasing wild-caught U.S. shrimp: purchases made also support the American shrimping industry. Many shrimpers and shrimp processors have been working with seafood for decades, passing down their hard work and trade from one generation to the next, all to keep food on everyone’s tables.
  4. CONTAIN A VARIETY OF HEALTH BENEFITS: Wild-caught American shrimp don’t just taste delicious, they also come with a variety of health benefits! They’re perfect for dieting, have fewer calories than other meats, are packed with protein, can be served to small children and are even a perfect protein choice for them, have several beautifying properties, can help fight depression and even prevent cancer!
  5. WILD AND SUSTAINABLY CAUGHT: When enjoying the delicious taste of shrimp, savor the flavor with peace of mind. With wild-caught American shrimp, rest assured that not only have they been caught in American waters and processed by American workers (never farmed from an overseas pond), but also, they have been caught with the future of the shrimp population and their environment in mind thanks to measured harvesting seasons and the latest equipment to reduce bycatch. Buying wild-caught American shrimp means supporting sustainability.

These are just a few of the many reasons to celebrate wild-caught American shrimp this National Seafood Month! And the best part? Their delicious flavor and all the goodness they bring can be enjoyed year-round! Make your own National Seafood Month celebration complete by looking for wild-caught, U.S.A. shrimp in the grocery store or by ordering wild-caught American shrimp to be shipped anywhere in the country for yourself or your business: CLICK HERE!