Wild Caught U.S. Shrimp: A Healthy Protein Source for Babies!

September 21, 2022

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, wild-caught American shrimp are perfectly acceptable and even recommended for feeding to young children. While they are delicious, they also come with a variety of health benefits that, when taken in at a young age, can result in lifelong positive results for children. Today, let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the specific lifelong health benefits that feeding shrimp to youngsters can provide!

  1. They’re Low in Mercury

One of the most harmful things that children can be exposed to either in utero or in their youth is an excess of mercury. This is because, while acceptably low levels are found in many foods, too much mercury has a strong, negative impact on brains that are still developing. Exposure to high levels of mercury has been proven to affect the nervous system through vision and hearing loss as well as a delayed development of motor skills and problems with memory and attention. For shellfish that are low in mercury levels to feed babies, the Food & Drug Administration recommends shrimp, and we of course recommend wild-caught American shrimp for the best taste, high nutritional value and no harmful chemicals or antibiotics.

  1. The USDA Dietary Guidelines Committee Recommends Them

We’ve talked before about the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines Committee and their reports that encourage healthier meals for Americans. One of their most notable findings from their latest research was that women and children need to eat more seafood: with pregnancy and up to two years of age being a critically formative period for a child’s mental health. Essentially, the Committee found that there was reasonable evidence to suggest that seafood intake during pregnancy and having children continue eating seafood after birth may be associated with better cognitive, language and communication development.

  1. They Boast a Multitude of Vitamins

Why give children vitamins through gummies or tablets when they can get them through the delicious flavor of wild-caught shrimp? They contain multiple vitamins such as D, B6 and B12, are packed full of protein, and have other healthy elements like omega-3 fatty acids and the super nutrient selenium! All of these elements work together to help ensure strong physical and mental development for children!

When feeding growing infants tasty wild-caught American shrimp, rest assured they’re eating a superfood that will help them grow up smart and strong!

Just look in the grocery store for wild-caught, USA shrimp either at the seafood counter or in the frozen seafood section. If you’re looking to order wild-caught U.S. shrimp for yourself or your business, CLICK HERE!