Never Wonder Where Your Shrimp Come From

September 30, 2022

At Wild American Shrimp, our bread and butter are, of course, shrimp: specifically shrimp wild-caught in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Oceans. To us, shrimp don’t get better than that, growing up strong and healthy in their natural environments and then caught and processed by American workers for enjoyment by shrimp lovers all over the United States.

For us, it’s never a question that we know where our shrimp come from, but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for many people left wondering if the shrimp they’re purchasing are truly wild-caught or American.

We’re here to help.

What can be done to make sure that the real deal is always caught?

Strive for Wild-Caught and American

First and foremost, wanting the best shrimp goes hand-in-hand with making the effort to get it. The United States has become dependent on foreign seafood while American processors catch plenty of shrimp that are ready to eat, and this extends to many Americans simply getting whatever shrimp they can find or whatever is put on a plate in front of them. The solution to this problem is simple but effective: always insist on wild American shrimp.

Always Read Labels

We can’t stress enough how important it is to become a better label reader when it comes to buying the right shrimp. Whether shopping at a local grocery store or eating at your favorite seafood restaurant, look out for key signifiers that the shrimp you’re getting are truly American. At the grocery store, read the packaging to see not only if the shrimp are American, but also that there are no traces of foreign handling, as processors overseas continue to try and disguise their shrimp as American through deceptive labeling. At restaurants, ask your server if their shrimp are wild-caught and American.

Order from Us

Of course, the best and most assured way to always be certain that you’re getting wild-caught American shrimp is to order from us! Our member-processors can ship wild-caught American shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Oceans anywhere in the continental U.S. within just a few days. We even offer both personal and wholesale orders! Visit the Buy Our Shrimp page to get started!