Happy International Chefs Day from Wild American Shrimp!

October 20, 2021

It’s October 20th, which means that today we at Wild American Shrimp are celebrating International Chefs Day!

As detailed by the official website, ever since being founded in 2004 by the late Chef Dr. Bill Gallagher, International Chefs Day has been about celebrating the chefs of the world and all the delicious food they cook. Today is an opportunity to thank a favorite chef in your life, and we’re doing so by honoring our Chef Advocates!

For those unaware, Wild American Shrimp’s Chef Advocates are a collection of chefs around the country— critically acclaimed and internationally loved for their mouthwatering meals— who have all banded together with a single goal: the commitment to cook with only wild-caught American shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Ocean, never using farm-raised or imported shrimp in their dishes, alongside promoting the superior qualities of wild-caught shrimp to their patrons. Our Chef Advocates know that wild-caught shrimp from U.S. waters don’t just taste better, but they’re also sustainably caught, are a nutritious source of protein and a multitude of other health benefits and are perfectly incorporated into a wide variety of recipes: including several straight-from-the-kitchen classics from our Chef Advocates’ esteemed restaurants provided to our website!

So today, we thank our Chef Advocates for all of the good that they do for the American seafood industry and people that love the taste of delicious wild and American shrimp. Take some time to visit our Chef Advocates page, where we have a spotlight for each one of our Chef Advocates and all of their many accomplishments. They’ve done it all— from sweeping industry awards to competing on popular cook-off shows like MasterChef— and we couldn’t be more grateful for their advocacy!

Want to be your own chef but need wild-caught American shrimp?

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