Food Bank Recipients Voice Appreciation of Shrimp from USDA-Wild-Caught Shrimp Program

June 28, 2021

We recently shared the story linked here of how, in 2020, the American Shrimp Processors Association (ASPA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) partnered up for a historic $25 million purchase of wild-caught American shrimp. In total, food banks in 190 U.S. cities received shrimp (as shown in the interactive map below), which were then distributed to countless agencies—as neighborhood pantries and kitchens are referred to in the food bank network—who then gave the nutritious shrimp to hungry families. Success with that first round of USDA purchases paved the way for additional wild-caught domestic shrimp to be purchased this year which will soon be distributed again to food banks around the country.

In this article, we share with our readers some feedback about our shrimp from the previous recipient food banks. The overwhelming sentiment was that they loved the shrimp and that shrimp are a welcome alternative source of protein.




Michelle Grear


“Shrimp was an amazing addition to our TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) offering. The wild-caught domestic shrimp were fantastic! They moved immediately, so we know our clients loved it. We’ll gladly take more shrimp, as much as you can give us!” – Michele Grear, Supply Director at the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) in Atlanta, Georgia.




Kirk Ray Smith

“We’re so appreciative of the American Shrimp Processors Association and their dedication to and partnership in fighting hunger in our community. Through its generosity, Hope Villages of America distributed over 14,000 pounds of shrimp to children, seniors, students, and families across Pinellas County: providing thousands of meals.” – Kirk Ray Smith, President and CEO of Hope Villages of America in Clearwater, Florida.




Carolyn Powe

“The Open Door Food Pantry appreciates receiving shrimp as a part of the food distribution to our clients. Our clients were very glad to get the shrimp as a part of their food order. They went so quickly. Many of them said that they had wanted shrimp but could not purchase them because of a limited budget. Again, thanks so very much for receiving this food which provides protein for families.” – Carolyn Powe of The Open Door Food Pantry (Partner Agency of Feeding the Gulf Coast) in Silas, Alabama.




Therese Brown

“The shrimp that our food pantry at Saraland United MethodistChurch, gave to our clients was a HUGE hit! The clients told us those were some of the best shrimp they have ever eaten! Even now, they ask, ‘When are y’all going to get more shrimp?’ It felt so good to give clients quality shrimp that they cannot afford on a good day. Quality foods such as this provide the clients with a little more dignity in coming to a pantry. Thank you for all you do!” – Therese Brown of Saraland United Methodist Church (Partner Agency of Feeding the Gulf Coast) in Saraland, Alabama.



Michael Ledger

“One in six individuals, including one in four children, along the Central Gulf Coast struggle with hunger throughout the year. Protein is a vital meal component for nourishing those in need. The uniqueness of having shrimp protein was a rare treat and a joy to provide to our partner agencies. We greatly appreciate the generosity of the American Shrimp Processors Association and Wild American Shrimp, especially during the holiday season last year when the need was so greatly increased due to recent hurricanes and the economic challenges presented by COVID-19.” – Michael Ledger, President and CEO of Feeding the Gulf Coast in Theodore, Alabama.





Franklin Marsan

“It was a wonderful source of protein. Clients were happy to receive
shrimp.”– Franklin Marsan of St. Anthony of Padua in The Woodlands, Texas (Partner Agency of the Houston Food Bank).





Shirley Jensen

“Beautiful shrimp, nicely packaged, manna from heaven. Great donation!” – Shirley Jensen of Society of Samaritans in Magnolia, Texas (Partner Agency of the Houston Food Bank).






“This was a great source of high quality, highly desired protein! It was well-received by our partner agencies and clients.” – Montgomery County Food Bank, based in Conrad, Texas (Partner Agency of the Houston Food Bank).




Tonya Bozeman-Dixon

“The blessing of receiving such a prime commodity for our clients and the joy expressed by them is indescribable!” – Tonya Bozeman-Dixon of The Community of Faith Church in Houston, Texas (Partner Agency of the Houston Food Bank).







“Clients at Mid Chambers Christian Caring Center Food Pantry loved the USDA shrimp. All feedback from clients was positive. Would love to have the opportunity to give clients shrimp again in the near future. We are in an area that loves seafood gumbo.” – Mary Wilkins of Mid Chambers Christian Caring Center Food Pantry, in Anahuac, Texas (Partner Agency of the Houston Food Bank).





“Last month, Annam Community Center received a pallet of shrimp; it was a truly special experience to share this gift with our low-income community. Just days after the distribution, we received word of the various dishes that our community members were able to create from your generous donation. On behalf of those who received this delicious, protein-rich food, we would like to sincerely thank the American Shrimp Processors Association for not only the sustenance but also the joy that your shrimp brought to us. Please know that you have made a huge contribution to the overall well-being of Annam’s community.” – Annam Community Development Corporation, located in Houston, Texas (Partner Agency of the Houston Food Bank).


“The food banks who received the shrimp and the agencies they serve provide an invaluable service to our communities throughout the country,” said Dr. David Veal, Executive Director of the American Shrimp Processors Association. Our ASPA members look forward to the opportunity in the near future to provide even more wild-caught American shrimp to families in need. See the list below for social media and donation links to each of the food banks mentioned in this article.

Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB)

Hope Villages of America

Feeding the Gulf Coast

Houston Food Bank


The American Shrimp Processors Association printed these two-sided sheets on vinyl paper (for moisture resistance) that were placed in each carton of shrimp going to the food banks. The ASPA member processors placed enough sheets to distribute one sheet with each bag of shrimp distributed to the recipients. The sheets contained nutrition information, easy recipes and quick tips on preparing shrimp for the family.

To order mouthwatering wild-caught American shrimp for yourself or your business, CLICK HERE!