Do You Know Where Your Shrimp Come From?

July 27, 2022

Americans eat over 10 pounds of seafood on average every year, with shrimp alone taking up around 4 of those pounds on average.

But how many of us know where our shrimp come from?

Only wild-caught, American shrimp give you the succulent flavor that transports your mouth to a seaside resort — enriched from the sun-soaked nutrients of the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Ocean, free from any antibiotics or other chemicals, and caught & processed by American workers rather than enslaved or forced labor — so you always want to know that you’re serving the best: and not imported shrimp from some farm-raising pond. Learn more about what makes Wild American Shrimp trustworthy and why you should choose them to contribute to a healthy diet here.

To be sure you are purchasing the shrimp that supports an American industry, always check the labeling to make sure that you’re getting wild-caught shrimp from American waters!

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