ASPA Member Feature: Mariah Jade Shrimp Co.

March 25, 2022

Mariah Jade Shrimp Co.: Fresh Frozen at Sea logo

David and Kim Chauvin are big visionaries, currently owning three businesses in Dulac, Louisiana: David Chauvin Seafood Company, the Bluewater individually quick frozen (IQF) shrimp-processing plant and Mariah Jade Shrimp Co. The name Mariah Jade carries significant meaning for obvious reasons to the Chauvin family. Not only is it the name of the family’s 73-foot trawler and flagship vessel, but it’s also the name of their daughter. When Mariah Jade was born in 1996, David was wrapping up construction on the boat he had specially designed to bring the whole family on his fishing trips, so he thought that it was only appropriate for it to be christened after the Chauvin family’s new little girl.

The core of Mariah Jade Shrimp Co.’s success is a longstanding foundation of faith that encourages them to keep moving forward in an industry that experiences its fair share of ups and downs. Their steadfast focus is fueled by optimism to keep building bigger and better to ensure the Chauvins, a fifth-generation seafood family, continue strongly on a path of success for future generations.

The husband-and-wife team is both partners in life and partners in business, and for the high school sweethearts who have been married for 33 years, a commitment of blood, sweat, and tears have richly paid off with an established operation and character reputation built on honesty, quality, and loyalty.

David’s background in the industry is laced with abundant generational blessings of seafood heritage. His great grandfather, grandfather, and father were all commercial fishermen, so it was natural for David to sail the same path.

Some of his best times as a child were spent on a boat watching his grandfather and father harvest the gulf for shrimp, some of his best memories as a teenager were working alongside his skilled father to build a steel hull without a blueprint, and some of his best moments as a father have been carrying on the fishing tradition with his own family.

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