2018 ASPA Chef of the Year Tenney Flynn Talks New Cookbook and More

September 10, 2019

Chef Tenney Flynn, ASPA’s 2018 Chef of the Year, recently conducted an interview with Gambit, a publication that serves to showcase the best and most topical news coming out of New Orleans, to discuss the release of his first cookbook, along with the importance of sustainability, and new ventures in serving seafood. Head chef and co-owner of the popular New Orleans restaurant GW Fins, Flynn is one of the city’s most acclaimed chefs and one of the most esteemed cooks in all of the South. The cookbook itself features a variety of recipes cultivated from Flynn’s many years at GW Fins and beyond, resulting in a multitude of both fan-favorites and new recipes that Flynn promises are presented with enough simplicity and specificity that anyone can cook them.

“This is meant to be a technique book for the home cook. It’s not really a chef-y coffee table book,” said Flynn, expressing his desire to present a work that was more accessible than overly technical, all without sacrificing the delicious quality and taste of his famous recipes. In the interview, Flynn also emphasizes the importance of supporting sustainable fishing.

“One sentence: Buy American. Don’t buy imported fish. There’s no reason to,” said Flynn, hard and fast.

Read the full interview on Gambit.