Wild American Shrimp Shines at MADE SOUTH’s Southern Whiskey Society’s 2020 Winter Edition Event

March 3, 2020

On Saturday, February 29th at the “The Factory” in Franklin, Tennessee, patrons were treated to one of the most high-caliber whiskey events in all of the South: MADE SOUTH’s Southern Whiskey Society’s 2020 Winter Edition Event.

Guests were treated to more than 70 different whiskeys to choose from, all from the South’s leading distillers, complimented by delicious dishes hand-crafted from ten of the region’s most talented chefs.

Two of the chefs — Chef Alex Belew of “Dallas and Jane” in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Chef Cody DeRosett of “Lockbox” in Lexington, Kentucky — prepared their own unique shrimp dishes for the occasion: utilizing, of course, none other than Wild American Shrimp! Chef Alex Belew cooked up a scrumptious Gulf Shrimp Fried Rice, while Chef Cody DeRosett made Shrimp Salad on House-Made Pretzel Crackers with a Vietnamese Twist!

“Natural, American goodness to me means unadulterated,” Chef Alex Belew said at the event, discussing Wild American Shrimp. “You don’t have to really mess with [the shrimp], it’s already great to begin with and we… have that mentality at the restaurant where we want to buy great local products: so if it’s already great, I don’t have to do much to it to make it even better and I feel good serving it to all of my guests.”

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All wild-caught, American shrimp for the event were donated by Wally Gollott of Gulf Pride Enterprises, Inc. Thanks Wally!