We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves, Arny Gollott III !

September 5, 2019

Earlier today, Wild American Shrimp posted this post on our Facebook page comparing a shot from a previous Popeye’s shrimp commercial with a shot of their menu today, in Louisiana, which discloses (by law due to the new House Bill 335 legislation) that they are selling imported shrimp. The comments in support of Wild American Shrimp are coming in fast and furious, but this one from our member processor Arny Gollott III caught our attention and summarized some great points very well. We thought we would share it!

Below is a screenshot of Mr. Gollott’s post.  If you haven’t seen the actual Facebook post yet, you can view it below his comment.

popeye's shrimp














































Actual live post.

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