Wild American Shrimp Supplier


Z-Packed, Inc.
(251) 873-5701
13856 Shell Belt Road
Bayou La Batre, AL 36523

Quick Facts

Year founded: 2009
# of employees in peak season: 15
Product type(s): Frozen & Packed at sea shrimp (white, brown, royal red and pink) specializing in retail quality head on
Capacity (pounds per day): 20,000 lbs
Square footage of facilities: 6,500
Product brand names: Z-Packed, Zirlott Trawlers

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The Zirlott family has been in the fishing business for generations. Each learning from his father before him and incorporating new ideas to gain an edge.

That is part of being a fisherman, doing what it takes to stay profitable in an ever-changing industry. We at Zirlott Trawlers understand that QUALITY is the way of the future.

Our shrimp are the best quality available because they are PACKED AT SEA. Whether it be the contact frozen 25 lb block (slabs) or the 50 lb IQF, each are hand graded weighed and frozen within minutes of harvest. And with our motion compensated scales our weights are always true.