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VC999 Packaging Systems
(816) 472-8999
419 E. 11th Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64116

Quick Facts

Year founded: 1972
# of employees in peak season: 400
Product type(s): Packaging machines and materials
Square footage of facilities: 150,000+
Product brand names: VC999 Packaging Systems, XtraPlast Packaging Materials, XtraVac Packaging Machines

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VC999 Packaging Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Vacuum Chamber Machines, Horizontal Thermoforming (rollstock) Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Machines, Tray Sealer, and Skin Packaging, as well as other ancillary items, packaging materials/supplies, and full line components from our sister brands XtraVac and XtraPlast, such as Vertical & Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine Systems, Packaging Robotics, Vision Inspection Systems, Conveyor/Converger Systems, Weighing, Labeling, and Product Scanning. Our dedicated and highly experienced team of packaging consultants can assist you in the designing the Right Machine Systems for your Packaging Operations and the Perfect Product Package for Your Customers.