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Triangle Package Machinery Company
Triangle Package Machinery Company
6655 West Diversey Ave.
Chicago, IL 60707

Quick Facts

Year founded: 1923
Product type(s): Packaging machinery (VFFS Baggers, Weighers, and Depositors)

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Triangle equipment thrives in cold, wet, harsh environments.

Because of this, shrimp packaging is one of our specialties. Our solutions are custom-built to your specific application, with the benefit of three generations of expertise behind each machine we build. Pair a Triangle InLine Combination Weigher and our high-speed continuous motion vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagger for the perfect solution to your packaging challenge.

Our packaging machines are proudly built in the USA. At our 120,000 square foot facility, located in Chicago, you can see our entire manufacturing process from raw material fabrication through complete testing and machine check-out.