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Paul Piazza & Son, Inc.
Kristen Baumer
1152 St. Louis St.
New Orleans, LA 70112
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Quick Facts

Year founded: 1892
# of employees in peak season: 75-100
# of family members working in the business: 4
Product type(s): U.S. Wild-Caught White and Brown Shrimp
Capacity (pounds per day): 100,000
Square footage of facilities: 50,000 sq. ft.
Product brand names: Paul Piazza Brand

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Paul Piazza & Son is a family-owned business that has built a solid reputation in the Wild Caught Gulf shrimp sourcing and processing industry by putting their customers’ needs first for over 125 years. The fourth generation owned Company has been driven by a passion for, and a commitment to, supplying the country with high quality, best tasting Wild American Shrimp that the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.

“Our objective is to help our customers to grow their businesses and in turn, our own business,” Kristen Baumer, President of Paul Piazza & Son said. “If we grow our customers business by building relationships, understanding and sourcing what they need, and delivering those products consistently; both Companies grow and prosper.”

The Company dates back to Paul Piazza who began selling fresh seafood and wild game in the New Orleans French Market more than 125 years ago.

PP&S, like much of New Orleans and Southern Louisiana was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath in 2005. The rebirth of the Company began later that year with the acquisition of a state of the art processing facility in southwest Louisiana and the re-opening of the updated, more efficient processing facility and new Administrative Headquarters in New Orleans.

This was followed by expansion of our sourcing capabilities and new partnerships with Boat Owners, Fishermen and Docks in Texas and Louisiana. Our objective has been to secure premium quality raw material in larger quantities to support our enhanced capabilities in our own plants.

Today, we still supply local restaurants and grocery stores, but the Company has grown to supply the entire US market with over 30 million pounds of premium Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp each year. We count the nation’s largest Foodservice Distribution network, the nation’s largest Wholesaler and industry leaders among Seafood Specialty Distributors and Retailers among our customer base. We seek partnerships with customers who support a program based on the unique taste, flavor and attributes of wild caught Gulf Shrimp.

Wild caught Gulf shrimp is our only business and it will remain a “Family Tradition” at Paul Piazza and son for many years to come.

Our Company and Family

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