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Aptar Food + Beverage – Food Protection
Christa Biggs
125 Westlake Pkwy Suite 100
Atlanta , GA 30336

Quick Facts

Year founded: 1940
# of employees in peak season: 50
Product type(s): Packaging
Square footage of facilities: 20,000
Interesting fact about the business: The average household has 7-9 Aptar products
Product brand names: SeaWellTM

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Aptar Food + Beverage-Food Protection, a part of AptarGroup, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of food protection solutions and proprietary active packaging systems for seafood and fresh-cut produce. The company’s SeaWell™ protective packaging system is a first-of-its-kind active packaging solution designed to preserve seafood freshness and maintain optimal quality from sea to table.

Available in both tray and pouch configurations, SeaWell™ features integrated technology that absorbs excess liquid that would otherwise accumulate around the seafood, causing potential product breakdown and negatively impacting shelf life. This innovative packaging system improves freshness and visual appeal, absorbs odors and enhances safety by reducing overall bacteria count and mitigating cross-contamination in the kitchen. It also enables seafood processors to pack frozen for distribution and thaw in the same package for fresh sale to market, enabling them to expand their geographic reach.

SeaWell™ protective packaging systems are proven to extend the shelf life of fresh and frozen seafood by 50% or more. Currently available in approximately 4,000 retail stores nationwide, the system has also proven to increase sales and decrease shrink.

The company offers a range of absorbent packaging trays, pads, pouches, retail and mini containers, slicing equipment, and antimicrobial technology.


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