Shrimp and the 4th of July: A Match Made in the U.S.A (with Videos)

July 4, 2019

There’s something about grilled shrimp on a skewer, or a pot of shrimp boiled with corn, potatoes, sausage and seasonings, that goes hand in hand on the 4th of July. After all, what could be more American than to eat AMERICAN on the 4th!  Of course, this is especially true down here in the South where Wild American Shrimp are caught. The 4th always falls right in the height of shrimp season when freshly caught shrimp are abundant.

But even if you live in the north or well inland in the South, the taste of those Gulf or South Atlantic flavors can be found in seafood markets and grocery stores nationwide. You just have to look at the packages and make sure you are buying wild-caught, or Wild American, shrimp. It takes an intentional effort to do so, but the flavors will be worth it. Looking at those labels is a good habit to get into since over 95% of the shrimp sold and consumed in the U.S. are farm-raised, imported shrimp. Your mission is to find that other 5%, because those shrimp are the ones bursting with flavor. Those other ones tend to be rather bland.

OUR shrimp are truly a delicacy, which in the scheme of things, are well worth the premium that you have to pay over the imports. They have great flavor and you are supporting the American shrimping industry. Try some American shrimp this week in celebration of our nation’s birthday week! You might even want to make it a weekly habit! Check out these recipes for a few ideas! Bon appetit!

Great 4th of July shrimp boil

Check these 4th of July shrimp skewers out from Man Meals NYC!

This shrimp boil even has brussels sprouts!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!