Shrimp and Grits: From Low Country to Cross Country

June 17, 2019

Not all that long ago, shrimp and grits was a decidedly regional dish.

But with the popularity of cooking shows and social media and the rise of celebrity chefs, what once was enjoyed by a few has become a beloved dish of many, not just those who live in the Low Country of South Carolina and Georgia.

Not every shrimp and grits recipe is the same. Some are complicated, while some are designed to be simple and quick. Just make sure Wild American Shrimp are your shrimp of choice.

Try these recipes and see which one is your favorite!

Here’s a “loaded” version from Kulinary Effect:

Fontina cheese and whipping cream help make the grits extra rich in this version from No Hippie BBQ & Cooking:


Chef Lorious loves bacon with her shrimp and grits:


Here’s one more, from Cooking with Carolyn:

John Currence is known for his version served at his City Grocery restaurant in Oxford, Miss. For the recipe, click here.