Salt at San Roc Cay is Big Fan of Wild-Caught, Gulf Shrimp

October 9, 2018

We love when chefs and restaurants alike advocate for the superior quality and great taste of Wild American Shrimp. The latest of these is SALT at San Roc Cay in Orange Beach, Alabama. SALT is an avid supporter of Alabama seafood and considers itself to be a “community-to-table” restaurant. The restaurant embodies the essence of Gulf Coast cuisine by serving only local ingredients that are sourced from within an 80-mile radius.

Executive Chef, Landon Benton says,

“We want to embody what Gulf eating is all about.”

SALT is classified as “Alabama Coastal Cuisine,” but the Chef does not want people to think the restaurant offers typical tourist fare, such as fried oysters and fettuccine alfredo. Restaurant patrons won’t be finding any of that here. SALT goes above the “norm” by changing its menu daily based off of the fresh, ever-changing ingredients sourced. The varying ingredients give Chef Landon the opportunity to let his creative juices flow to create new dishes that wow guests.

Photo: SALT at San Roc Cay

“We believe in using the amazing fresh product right here from the Gulf Coast,” Salt owners say.

A unique experience that the restaurant offers is “Cook your Catch.” Vacationers and locals alike can bring in their fresh catches from the Gulf of Mexico, and Chef Landon, along with his staff, will prepare it family-style. He prepares three to four dishes by cooking the catch different ways: either searing, grilling, blackening or sautéing the seafood and pairing it with complementary sauces and spices that bring out the flavor in that unique type of local catch.

A review from a pleased patron says, “Chef Landon cooked fish that the hubbies caught. They cooked it all to perfection and the sides were amazing!”

A specialty dish of SALT is the Shrimp and Grits, a southern staple. They use fresh, Gulf shrimp with bacon cream and heirloom cheese grits from Bayou Cora Farms in Bon Secour, Alabama. Past hits on the menu include Firecracker Shrimp, featuring cornmeal dusted Alabama Gulf shrimp with spiced remoulade and SALT’s very own, house-made sweet chili.


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