Member Spotlight: David Chauvin’s Seafood Company

September 5, 2019

Built on the commitment of blood, sweat and tears, David and Kim Chauvin are the visionaries behind the three businesses that serve as David Chauvin Seafood Company.

The main offices opened in 2010 in Dulac, Louisiana, which also houses the tours run by the Chauvins called Down The Bayou Shrimp Tours. Right down the road is Bluewater Shrimp Company, an individual quick-freezing processing plant. Mariah Jade, a dock and specialty processing plant, is the where the processing journey began for David and Kim.

The high-school sweethearts have formed a partnership in life and in business with lifelong experience in the industry. David’s 17 years as a fisherman have given him an advantage of knowing the fishermen in the area and understanding what all it entails to be a fisherman. During this time, Kim started building relationships with multiple outlets to which she could sell shrimp to, ranging from grocery stores to roadside retail.

David and Kim’s business really started to take off during the hard times of 2000. Although others in the area had been hit hard by the influx of imported shrimp in the area, the hard work and faith paid off as their business boomed, leading to the family building the Mariah Jade dock in their backyard to unload and distribute shrimp.

From there, demand continued to build in the local and regional markets, but one aspect of the business has stayed consistent throughout the years: family. With sons David Anthony and Dustin James and daughter Mariah Jade all working in different roles, all three children have played vital roles in the success of this family operation.

The shrimp industry will have its fair share of ups and downs, but with the strong family foundation of honesty, quality and loyalty, David and Kim Chauvin will continue to push towards success for many years to come.

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