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Consumers Can Purchase Wild American Shrimp In Grocery Stores

Across America

Just look carefully in the freezer section of your local grocery store. 

Be sure to look for wild-caught, U.S, Gulf, South Atlantic, Product of U.S.A. or Wild American Shrimp on the labels.

This may be on the back of the product package.

If the shrimp are from a foreign country, they are not our shrimp. They were likely farm-raised in a pond in Asia. 

If you are either buying online or are ordering from your local grocery store for pickup, be equally attentive to the descriptions of the products since you can’t always see a photo of the label. To ensure that you are purchasing authentic Wild American shrimp, be sure to research the products you are buying online to make sure they say wild-caught, U.S., Gulf, South Atlantic, Product of U.S.A or Wild American Shrimp.

 Online Retailers (order online to be shipped to you)

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