New, Food Truck Styled Seafood Distribution Company Launches in West Virginia

August 28, 2018

Dock to Table, a new “food truck” styled, wild-caught seafood distribution company, will launch in West Virginia this Friday, Aug. 31, with the goal of providing customers in the surrounding area with the freshest, unprepared seafood available. Since shrimp are the most consumed seafood in the U.S., the company will feature Wild American Shrimp as one of the primary items in its new “mobile-market” distribution company.

Image: Dock to Table’s first “mobile merchant seafood distribution van.”

dock to table provision co.

Dock to Table is family owned and operated by the Scott Family of Bridgeport, West Virginia. Owner Thomas Scott says the idea for the company was inspired after his family lived in Charleston, South Carolina where they had access to great seafood and had enjoyed great seafood through travel to other coastal towns. Back home, they missed having the same access and figured out a way to share their passion with folks in the mountains of West Virginia.

“Since the majority of the U.S. is not near a Coast, why not bring the seafood to the people through a mobile distribution truck?” Scott said. “So, we did it.”

In his quest to find reliable, quality sources of wild-caught shrimp,  Scott visited the annual meeting of the American Shrimp Processors Association in Biloxi, Mississippi in April. There he was able to talk to several potential sources from whom he is now buying.

Dock to Table owner/operator Thomas Scott

Owner and Operator Tommy Scott at Osakana in Brooklyn, New York. Tommy attended their Hands-on Fish Butchery class this summer.

“Our team works directly with fisheries to hand pick and deliver seafood straight from the source. Dock to Table Provision Company was genuinely born from a love for seafood and a desire to provide healthy and delicious food to our family and friends. We hope to build a much larger ‘family’ of people who share our passion for fresh, wild-caught seafood…even here in the mountains.”

The company will be serving the entire state of West Virginia. Scott says that similar to the way food trucks operate, he will post on social media when he will be in certain areas so followers can plan ahead and buy fresh when he’s in the area.

The company’s business plan is to expand the concept to a larger geography in the future.

“At Dock to Table we are committed to providing you with a product you can trust and feel good about cooking for your family,” said Scott.

To further demonstrate its commitment to the environment and sustainability, Dock to Table asks customers when possible to bring their own bag to support BYOB, a conservation initiative to help conserve our oceans and beaches by reducing the number of single-use plastic bags handled each year.



To learn more or to find out when the truck will be in your area
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