So Many Different Types of Shrimp!

October 5, 2022

Picture this: you’re at the grocery store looking to buy some wild-caught U.S. shrimp for dinner tonight. You know that they’re delicious, healthy and can easily fit into a variety of different recipes. But once you get to the seafood section and have a look at the shrimp, you realize just how many different kinds there are! Pink, white, brown, brown rock, royal red: which one are you supposed to buy? 

No problem! While any of these types of shrimp would make a delicious part of your meal, at Wild American Shrimp, we’re here to help you pick the best shrimp for your meal. 

Pink shrimp are wild and sweet, yet firm and tender. They’re probably what you think of when you think “shrimp!” They’re great for shrimp salads, shrimp cocktails, or shrimp scampi!

White shrimp are mildly sweet, more tender, with easy-to-peel shells. While they start off white, they slowly become pinker the longer they are cooked, leading them to be used in similar fashions to pink shrimp. They taste delicious in recipes with garlic, lemonor parmesan.

Brown shrimp have a stronger, slightly salty taste and full of pure flavor. They’re perfect to eat in soups and well-compliment other seafood such as salmon and scallops. Brown rock shrimp are sweet, firm, and almost lobster-like. Thus, they can serve as a great substitute for lobster if you’re seeking their taste coupled with the easier preparation afforded from shrimp.

Also similar to lobster, royal red shrimp are buttery, rich, sweet, and soft. From their name alone, you can tell that these shrimp are of a higher pedigree than most, so try complimenting them with an exquisite pasta and a fine wine! 

No matter what type of shrimp you want to go with, you’ll be set for any meal when you choose gulf-caught, wild American shrimp!

Visit our Recipes Page for a variety of recipes to prepare with any kind of shrimp and click HERE to order any type of wild-caught shrimp for yourself or your business!