Chef of the Year

On October 28th of this year, we will announce our annual Chef of the Year award winners!

You read that right! This year, the American Shrimp Processors/Wild American Shrimp will be crowning not one, but THREE Chef of the Year Award winners! We’re recognizing three individuals who reflect various tiers of culinary advocacy while all sharing a common trait: a love for wild-caught American shrimp.

The three award categories are: Professional Chef, Influencer Chef and Hometown Chef. To be considered and recognized as a Chef of the Year, nominees must meet the following criteria for each category.

Professional Chef
A classically trained professional chef or industry leader who consistently promotes wild-caught American shrimp through his or her menus and/or culinary outlet, personal social media channels, TV appearances and other media opportunities with notable involvement in philanthropic initiatives and/or sustainability efforts within their community. Chef nominees in this category currently work in or own a restaurant(s) featuring at least two dishes featuring wild-caught, American shrimp and have received at least one culinary excellence award (preferred.)

Influencer Chef
Any level chef/cook with a substantial following in their community, blog or on social media, who works in a restaurant kitchen, and/or is an online culinary influencer with a knack for preparing wild-caught American shrimp dishes and is passionate about learning more and raising awareness about seafood sustainability efforts.

Hometown Chef
Personal favorite chef/cook in your family or community who deserves special recognition for their talents and love of cooking wild-caught American shrimp.

All nominations must include two shrimp recipes or dishes the nominee is known for which use wild-caught American shrimp (photos submissions to accompany the dishes are preferred). Nominees can be self-nominated or submitted by their peers in the industry, publicists, customers, or fans.

Nominations must be submitted through the online form below by Friday, October 21, 2022

Applications for nominations will be reviewed and scored by an ASPA board member, an ASPA member/shrimp processor, and a member of the Wild American Shrimp® marketing team. Out of the qualified finalists, the group will choose the winners who will be featured in press releases, blog posts, online features, social media and more. The winners will reign for one year and receive prizes, including a custom-designed etched glass award plate, an official proclamation, and $500 given to a charity of the winner’s choosing.

The winner will be announced on Friday, October 28th, 2022!


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For more information on the Chef of the Year program, read our Press Release.