Big Meals Call for Big Shrimp!

September 7, 2022

We’ve written in the past about the value of often skimped-on smaller shrimp, describing how their increased sweetness and tenderness make them perfect for specific recipes.

Today, we want to flip the script and praise shrimp on the opposite end of the spectrum: the massively delicious flavor of big, wild-caught American shrimp. It’s been said before that “bigger isn’t always better,” but sometimes bigger is better, especially when it comes to recipes that are ready-made for larger shrimp.

First things first: the flavor. Whether purchasing large, jumbo, colossal or even larger, big shrimp mean big flavor. Bigger shrimp are noticeably juicier than smaller ones, making them perfect for dishes that feature shrimp as the main attraction rather than simply a complement to an established dish. Thanks to their larger size, they’re also perfect for grilling, since they won’t burn up as quickly as their smaller counterparts. And, while smaller shrimp are considered more tender, bigger shrimp come with a satisfyingly chewy and almost crunchy texture: making each bite (that’s right, more than one, unlike smaller shrimp) feel truly satisfying to the taste.

Large shrimp may be slightly pricier, but that little extra cash goes a long way toward securing big shrimp that will be the star of any meal. Take it from us: we’ve got a variety of recipes that are perfect for large shrimp!

Our recipe for Garlicky Roasted Shrimp with Parsley and Anise will make jumbo shrimp a hit at your next dinner party: nothing beats the taste of giant garlic shrimp!

This recipe for Pickled Gulf Shrimp calls for jumbo shrimp made even juicier with a multitude of savory flavors.

Finally, our recipe for Grilled Shrimp Salad with Sweet Tea Vinaigrette combines jumbo shrimp, a healthy salad and the deliciously sweet taste of a sweet tea vinaigrette to create shrimp-ly sweet perfection great for any meal!

We hope that this encourages the use of not only larger shrimp, but also wild-caught American shrimp of all kinds! Visit our Recipes page for even more tasty Wild American Shrimp recipes! To order wild-caught U.S. shrimp for yourself or your business to be shipped anywhere in the country from our member processors: click HERE!