ASPA Member Feature: Carson & Company, Inc.

February 18, 2022

Carson & Company was founded in 1976 in the historic French fishing village of Bon Secour, Alabama by accountant-turned-shrimp processor, Carson Kimbrough.

After several years of wearing a coat and tie in his previous career as an accountant, the Alabama native had a desire to do something a little less formal and a lot more challenging. After meeting and conversing with a local shrimp processor on a golf course one day, Carson decided to ditch the suit and tie and took a hardworking job at a shrimp processing plant.

Even though the shrimp business strayed from his original career plans, Carson never looked back. The shrimp business was exciting and rewarding, and it appealed to his career goals at the time. Carson’s passion led him to pursue his own business, leading to his first investment of a shrimp boat that he himself operated for four years before deciding to venture into the processing and marketing aspects of the business as well.

Carson hit the ground running with his shrimp business and soon found himself ready to expand. To handle his young company’s need for more space, in 1980, Carson purchased a mullet shed that had been devastated by Hurricane Frederick and would soon become what we know as Carson & Company today. The current facility is 80,000 total square feet including the main processing plant, cold storage, main office, packaging warehouse facility, and full-service maintenance shop: Caron & Company truly has it all to meet the demands of the world of modern shrimping! The plant processes fresh frozen shrimp, including, white headless shrimp, brown headless shrimp, straight peeled, and deveined shrimp. And rest assured, Carson & Company deals solely in domestic wild-caught shrimp caught straight from the warm and nutrient-rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico, with the ability to source all-natural and chemical-free products as needed.

Want to learn more about Carson & Company, Inc.? Be sure to visit their Member Page and website for more information!