Wild-Caught Shrimp and Tasty Bacon Make a Perfect Combo [With Videos]!

January 25, 2021

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp on the grill!


Larger social gatherings may be placed on hold due to COVID-19, but that just means it’s all the more important to make those small gatherings of family and friends special! However, when it comes to food, what are you supposed to serve? Chips, dip, and other finger foods are all classic go-to’s, but if you’re asking us for a real crowd-pleaser, we can’t think of anything tastier than bacon-wrapped shrimp!

The United States has been swept up in “Bacon Mania” for years now, with food outlets from Tasty to Bon Appétit incorporating it into a variety of their recipes, and who could blame them?

Combining the top-quality taste of wild-caught, American shrimp and the sizzling scrumptiousness of bacon, you can’t go wrong! Plus, their toothpick skewers help make them a perfect “no-contact snack” as opposed to a shared chip bowl!

Ready for a recipe to get wrappin’? Look no further than this recipe for Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp! They’re perfectly paired with a spicy lime dipping sauce from this recipe for Shrimp and Pork Balls!

Hungry for more? Check out these video recipes we love!

Bourbon Glazed Bacon Wrapped Smoked Shrimp – The Perfect Appetizer!

SHRIMP KISSES RECIPE – Perfect Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Remember to always use wild-caught, American shrimp in your recipes, and be sure to visit our Recipes Page for even more delicious ways to cook them!