Shrimp Salad Is Perfect for Summertime

June 10, 2019

When temperatures heat up, most of us don’t want the kitchen to do the same. Don’t sweat it! Instead, make Wild American Shrimp your go-to ingredient. Not only are they healthy, they also cook quickly, which means less kitchen duty.

By the way, smaller shrimp are excellent in shrimp salad. These little guys — less than 61-70 size — are bite-sized and just as tasty as their bigger relatives. In fact, they are more tender and sweeter to the taste.

Here’s another benefit to choosing smaller-sized shrimp: Because shrimp in the 70-90 and higher range typically aren’t marketed from outside the United States, you can be assured these shrimp are all-American!

This recipe, courtesy of Natasha’s Kitchen, brings all the summer flavors together with a cilantro dressing:

Here’s a traditional shrimp salad recipe, courtesy of eHow:

Want to try something different? How about this Puerto Rican Style Shrimp Salad, courtesy of Sweets and Beyond:

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