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Commerce Announces Affirmative Preliminary Antidumping Determinations on Shrimp from Ecuador and Indonesia

On May 23, 2024, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced the preliminary results of the antidumping investigations on shrimp from Ecuador and Indonesia. The investigations were launched late last year in response to petitions filed by the American Shrimp Processors Association.

The preliminary dumping margins are summarized below.

Sociedad Nacional de Galápagos (SONGA) – 10.58%
Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila S.A. – 1.54% (de minimis)
All others – 10.58%

PT First Marine Seafoods – 6.30%
PT Bahari Makmur Sejati (BMS) – 0.00%
All others – 6.30%

The preliminary determinations will be published next week, and importers will start posting cash deposits shortly thereafter. Because Santa Priscila and BMS received de minimis margins, their imports will not be subject to cash deposit requirements, but all other imports from Ecuador and Indonesia will be. The antidumping cash deposits will be in addition to the cash deposits being posted to cover the preliminary subsidy margins announced in March.

Commerce will continue its investigations on both countries, and the agency will announce final determinations on ASPA’s dumping and subsidy cases in early October.

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