Month: January 2019

  • Do You Know Your Shrimp’s History?

    January 18, 2019

    Americans ate 16 pounds of seafood on average in 2017, the most in nearly a decade.   But how many of us know where our shrimp come from? Only Wild American Shrimp give you that succulent flavor that transports you to a seaside resort, so you want to know you’re serving the best. Learn more... Read More

  • Peel & Devein Your Shrimp Like a Pro!

    January 18, 2019

    Peeling and deveining raw shrimp is easier than you might think! The only equipment you need are your hands and a paring knife. You’ll also need a receptacle for discards and, of course, some plump, flavorful Wild American Shrimp from one of the many producers who are members of the American Seafood Processors Association. Chef... Read More