Chef Michael DiBuono

Michael DiBuono

Sea Level Oyster House

Sea Level Oyster House


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Michael DiBuono

Sea Level Oyster House

Chef Michael DiBuono was born and raised in Miami, Florida. The family unit was instilled into Chef Michael early on with his mother cooking home cooked meals and sitting at the table so the family could discuss the day’s events. This left an impression with Michael early on in his childhood and helped set the stage for his culinary journey.

Chef Michael is self-taught with over 20 years in the industry ranging from Miami, Florida to Madisonville, Louisiana. Chef DiBuono has had the unique opportunity to work with some really talented Chefs, James Aptakin and David Bracha where he learned technique and style. Chef Michael’s other passion is cheese. He has been learning about artisan cheese for the last 22 years. From making cheese to building caves for cheese aging, Michael’s passion for the superfood is apparent when he discusses the many different applications cheese can be used for in food preparation and in the taboo area of seafood. Chef Michael operated a small European Bistro called The Cheese Course in Miami as their Operations Director & Training Manager. The concept focused on artisan cheeses making fresh sandwiches, salads, quiches and soups and incorporating cheese in every aspect of its menu. The concept flourished and Michael oversaw 7 different restaurants while at The Cheese Course before leaving to New Orleans where Chef Michael got right into the New Orleans food scene working as a General Manager and Chef. Chef Michael’s approach to food is simple, fresh and vibrant. He draws inspiration from his childhood with influences from the Caribbean and Latin countries – the food must be fresh, ingredients sourced locally, and must taste good!

Chef Michael then went on to be the General Manager for the Fernwood Country Club out of Mississippi where he worked hand in hand with Chef Justin Cameron in the F&B department. Chef Michael was also part of the Layers of Flavor team in the World Food Championship and competed in 2017 in the Seafood category with Defending champion Chef James Aptakin. Food Network will be airing a seafood special showcasing the World Seafood Championship in early summer of 2018. Chef Michael is owner of Herbsaint Creamery LLC as well as co-owner of Shotgun LLC with Chef Vic Vegas and Rose Tummarello. Shotgun LLC has a concept coming out late 2018.

Chef Michael has recently begun a new journey building a new Seafood concept in Mississippi that will focus on Gulf shrimp and be unique in all of the South and Mississippi proper.